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Buy Android App Reviews -

Buy android app reviews from reviewed by the largest reviewer community to provide 5 star permanent positive android app review services on the Google Play Store.

Frequently Ask Question

Why do you need Buy Android App Reviews

We create because we have experienced the ups and downs of promoting applications so that they can be easily found on the Google Play Store. The first reason, starting from the expensive Google Ads promotion costs, the results are not yet optimal. At that time, for our application to be in the top position, it needs to be accelerated with the promotion of Google Ads. Our expectation is that after many installs it will improve search rankings, then lead to organic downloads. In fact, the App doesn't get the top search positions either. Although, the cost of promotion is greater than the cost of developing the application. Not many people have reviewed and rated it, many uninstall was found at a later date. Even though rating and reviews are one of the most important components to increase search rankings on the Google Play Store. Especially for new applications that require positive branding. Buy Android App Reviews from can be a Growth Hacking strategy for early startups, increase growth in a short time but with a small budget.

The second reason, not all app reviewers are wise when giving app ratings and reviews. Do you remember? With the incident when netizens did uninstall movement to TikTok. Then they gave bad ratings and reviews for the TikTok application. That have nothing to do with the performance and quality of both applications. But what gets badly affected is the review and rating of the application. This is the same as a pointless review like, "I'll give a 4 star first, then when it's good I'll give a 5 star." The conclusion is not many wise reviewers understand how difficult it is to develop an application. Even though positive reviews are needed to motivate developers to develop their applications to be better.

Third reason, because Applications continue to be developed, reviews and ratings remain permanent. Imagine, we get 1-3 star bad reviews and ratings, when our application has bugs / errors. But when the bugs / application errors were fixed with the latest updates, the bad reviews and ratings were still there. These bad reviews can still be read by potential users who will download, update, make transactions in the application. Don't they think again about using your application when they find these bad reviews and ratings? This is the function of in improving bad reviews and ratings of applications that are actually still good to use. For applications whose actual quality is not as bad as the ratings and reviews given by users at that time.

What are the benefits of positive reviews for your application?

There are so many benefits that can be felt with positive reviews for applications on the Google Play Store. This benefit can support excellence to compete with other applications. Where the application competition on the Google Play Store is very tight, because many new applications with various categories and keywords are published. There is 3,833 New Apps per Day. 115,000 new Apps per Month on Google Play Store. How can your apps compete with them? Plus the competition does not only come from new apps, apps with large promotional budgets. $ 180 billion per year app ad spend is the biggest threat to your app.

The usual promotional ways to win the competition on the Google Play Store, will not be enough. Do you know? That there is an important component that is overlooked by many Marketing Divisions that market applications. Nothing but App Reviews and Ratings on their own Google Play Store App page. In fact, according to Apptentative data 79% of users check ratings and reviews before deciding to download an app. That is how important reviews and ratings are to become a benchmark for users to make important decisions for your application. Not only download decisions, more than 53% of users also check reviews and ratings for updates and transactions in the application.

In addition, the amount of rating affects the chances of users downloading your application after they open your application link on the Google Play Store. 5 star rating can have an impact on the 100% chance of your application being downloaded. So it can be concluded that Application Reviews are useful for branding your application to be more trusted. Thus increasing the conversion rate for your application. Sometimes, application developers can make mistakes when developing their applications and are found by users with errors, so that users complain with bad reviews and ratings. This is very unfortunate. When the developer managed to fix the error, the review and rating was still bad.

The last benefit, and no less important, is the application review for your application increase the ranking (ranking) of your app search on the Google Play Store. Google has an algorithm for selecting which applications deserve to be positioned in the top searches. It turns out that technically, Google assesses applications based on Title, Keyword, Number of Installations, Number of Reviews, and Rating. Fewer competitors are using your keywords and titles. The more possible your application is at the top if the number of installs, reviews and your rating is high. However, the number of ratings and reviews is a bit difficult to control. For that you need to use Buy Android App Reviews.

Sorry, Is this a fake review (lie)?

No, this is not a fake review. But a marketing, which is known as Paid Review. This is the same thing influencers do on Instagram, and on YouTube. reviewers only convey the advantages of related apps like endorse goods or services. About the advantages of this application, we hope service users honestly convey the advantages of the application. We know our reviews can be easily misused. For this reason, we refuse to provide review services for android applications for applications that are political, insulting Racist, or fraud.

Is there the sample review?

Our reviews are quality, persuasive, positive, 5 star, safe and permanent. Here's an example of a positive 5 star review from a real person reviewer (no bot) which can improve your application branding to be better:

Phire (Music and Podcasts)

Is it Buy Android App Reviews Safe and Permanent?

App reviews from very safe, and permanent. Because every 1 review of your application is done by 1 Person, 1 IP Address, 1 Device, 1 Google Account. Many other Android Application Review Services use 1 IP Address, 1 Device, with various emails to review an application. It is very dangerous for your application. Google easily recognizes this, and then removes the reviews earlier. With spam practices like that, it could make your search rankings decrease.

Just choose a trusted one like Our review process is transparent, carried out in collaboration with a verified KTP reviewer from Indonesia using the innovative mobile application system Appreview5 (, and shares half of the income received from you with reviewers.

To start the review process is quite safe and easy. only needs the Google play store link from your app. No need for the application file, and no need for a password.

Is there a Guarantee?

There is 100% money back guarantee for 1 month after the Apps Review process is complete. This guarantee applies, if our review is unsafe, and not permanent. But we believe this will not happen by using the method we apply 1 person, 1 IP address, 1 device, 1 Google account for 1 review and a 5 star rating.

Warranty claims refer to the Before / After Pictures that we send.

How long is the review process?

Something good usually takes time and patience for maximum results, including the Review process The length of the review process depends on the type of package available. For 50 reviews take 1-3 days, 200 reviews take 1 week, 1000 reviews take 1 month at the fastest. We make sure the results of the reviews we provide are very satisfying, so it's worth the wait.

Are there any reports after the review process is complete?

Yes, there is a report after the review process carried out by our reviewer is complete. After the Review Process is complete, we will provide a report in the form of the email address of the reviewer who has given a 5 star positive review for your application via Whatsapp / Telegram. So that you can match the number of reviews that we provide, with the reviews you receive on the Google Play Console. If there are differences, you can submit a complaint to us to exchange a new one, but so far there have been no complaints about that from our client.

Are there Any Testimonials?

This is an example of a testimonial from our happy client. As proof that our reviews and ratings are real, and reliable.

How come the price is expensive?

There is quality, there is a price to sacrifice. This price sacrifice is small, compared to the value and money benefits that will be obtained with the benefits of a 5 Star Positive Review for your Application. Compared to other types of promotions, namely Digital Ads, or Sponsored Content. Application reviews can provide benefits that are more effective and efficient to increase the search ranking for your application on the Google Play Store. Also helps branding your app to attract new users. Compared to other Android Application Review Services. much higher quality, at a relatively cheap price.

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