How to Buy App Installs To Rank Higher on Play Store

Before you decide to buy install android apps, you need to Research the best paid app installs provider services. There are many required criterias of that best paid installs provider services, such as:

No Bot for Installing Your App

Many app installs provider services use Bot for installing your app within 24 hours processed. But it will harm your app. It is not very recommend it. You need to find app installs provider services that provide paid installs from real person installers. They are installers community who identified by real identity. Why did they wanted to install your app? The company shared the half of your install order’s money for them.

Paid Installers shall be have more Benefits

Paid installers are not permanent naturally. Because of that, the paid installers need to have more benefits beside increasing your install numbers. They should be review, and give 5-star rating to make your app position search app ranking higher. Then, it can branding your app to attract potential users to install, purchase in-app of your app.

Trusted, and Proven

Paid app installs provider services that are trusted and proven have portofolios by gave their services to the client. They also have innovative mobile system to be a platform for installers community to work for your app.

How can we buy downloads/installs for our Android apps on the Google Play Store?

It is easy, to buy downloads or installs for android apps on the google play store. It just need to take 5 steps, 1) go visit , 2) pick the price plans that you wanted to buy, 3) order by send them a message via whatsapp, 4) pay it, they are accepted Paypal, 5) just wait the result. They will confirm you by email.

1 Person. 1 IP Address, 1 Device, 1 Account for 1 Install, Review, and 5-star Rating of Your App.