How do I get reviews for my android app?

People’s purchasing decisions influenced by other people’s opinion. Opinion plays important role these days, especially on internet. Within too much information on internet, people tend to considered other people’s opinion who contained their experience about the product they used. Opinion on Internet can be formed as comments, news, posts, or reviews. It can be the opinions are about restaurants, movies, or apps.

Opinions and reviews for app is so important. Because app reviews on Google Playstore is also affect how visible they will be in app store search results and how likely they will be featured on the app store.

Nowdays, there are so many apps published everyday on Google Playstore. If you wanted your app is stand out than others. You need to get positive 5-stars ratings to boost your app search ranking, and it can be triggered to have organic downloaders for your android app.

To help your mobile app get more positive app reviews, here are 3 tips for you to get reviews on Google Playstore:

1. Ask your friends to review

Ask your friends to get review for your android app is quite easy, and do not need to spend money. But there are some disadvantages that impact you, and your app. First, no guarantee your friends or family gave 5-stars ratings to your app. Second, it does not meet the quantity of review you need to boost your app ranking. Third, the way you ask your friends to review your app can be annoying for them. Your friends may does not need your android app, because they are not your app targeted market.

2. Build give rating feature

I can say this feature is not so effective. Give rating feature is only feature direct to your app playstore page. In general, users of your android app may skip it, they only give review when they have complaints. In the other hands, you need spend time to develop this feature to your mobile app.

3. Buy Android app review

Buy android app review is the measurable, easiest, and impactful way to get review for your app. You can get 5-stars ratings, positive reviews based on keywords you wrote, and installments. But you need to spend money for it. You also need to be picky about review services you choose. The best app review services are usually using real users who are using different IP Address, different Device, different Account to review your android app. There are many app review services who give guarantee promise to their potential customer for 1-2 weeks after reviewing has been delivered. But actually they give this guarantee because they know their fake reviews are deleted one by one by Google.

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